Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kyle Ross, Max Carter and the Dudes Do IT

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Sexy Pics of Kyle Ross and Max Carter

Click pics to view them full size-

This is a true saying and worthy to be received: "Kyle Ross deserves the title- twink bad bitch!"

Video- Kyle, Max, and Luke Allen have a group sex session- hit play-

Max and Preston- two legally blonde twink sex dudes-

Some pics from the most recent helix offerings-

Evan Parker and Matthew Keading-

Luke Allen and Jessie Montgomery-

Andy Taylor and Matthew Keading-

Jamie Sanders, in the running for the twink bad bitch title-

Studs Beauty Parade

Chris Casablanca and Benjamin Bloom-

Dolph Lambert-

Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert-

Josh Elliott on the right-

 A magnificent long haired blonde twink-

Video with Ariel Vanean, Kevin Warhol, Julien Hussey, Jean-Daniel Chagall-
Hit play to watch-

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