Saturday, 16 April 2016

Noah White and more Sexy Twinks- Bubble Butts, Randy Cocks, Willing Minds

Noah White stars in Twink Bait with Evan Parker and Blake Mitchell

Trying new things is a beautiful part of a young lad's life. Sometimes shy & sexy little cuties like Noah White just need a little nudge. Watch two crazy hot, stiff & swollen "slick willies", Blake Mitchell & Evan Parker as their 3way thickens and they pull off a very hot plot to get Noah that nudge and see if he gives these two sly university studs the the old college try.....

Brad Chase is more than happy to provide his butt and stars in Boardwalk Boys with Calvin Banks

Combined with some classic carnival style fun & games and topped off with a beautiful beachfront sunset, there's only one place a date with Calvin Banks & Brad Chase could possibly end up. Watch as these two extremely sexy & strapping young studs take their good time to go and finish their fun raw & unwrapped in an amazing date scene & fuck.....

Twink Bottoms Abounding- Click the pic to view the video/video series...

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